Results of the business network for the entrepreneur

The business network of the IEAGE aims to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, advertise businesses and accelerate sales. Find new customers, develop new business, undertake in the digital world, allow the dissemination on the Internet, create new channels and provide new opportunities, are goals of the business network for entrepreneurs of the IEAGE.

  • Entrepreneur has its product or service published, free, no cost, locally, regionally and globally (Business Directory).
  • Develop new customers and partners (collaborate in the forums), soon to expand your business.
  • Optimize the Organization, profits and strategies (Learn new knowledge and techniques in courses).
  • Be more immune to regional economic crises. (With the construction of the network of suppliers and customers).
  • The business network and the business directory, with the time, create an economic and social environment for entrepreneurs and developed by entrepreneurs, truly balanced and responsible, based on work, team, collaboration and communication.


It is vital to advertise and participate in the global network, the Internet. The world is connected, and the entrepreneur, from anywhere on the planet, should and must have the opportunity to promote products and services, globally. The business network, of IEAGE, has this function.

The IEAGE allows Entrepreneurs to participate in the network and create new opportunities and improve the management, through the Business Directory, the forums in each region, of the Academy IEAGE It offers knowledge and entrepreneurship courses.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of IEAGE has as premises:

  • Create a business environment between entrepreneurs;
  • Making products and services are known in the neighboring town and on the other side of the world;
  • Able to communicate in several languages (write in a language and readability in another language);
  • Not for big sales (is a risk for the small entrepreneur: for lack of cash flow, production capacity and reliance on one source of revenue);
  • It is preferable dozens, hundreds of small sales and partnerships, than relying on a single customer or partner (reduce the risk);
  • Promote and provide knowledge on how to manage and grow your business, on the grounds of practical application, efficiency and effectiveness, and decreasing the closing of new business in its early years of operation. Make it possible, second step, expansion, sustainable, planned and organized, the business itself;
  • Help regions (and their communities) poorest to promote their products and facilitate their commercialization in developed countries.

Come join and help create the great entrepreneurial environment that will make a big difference in the lives of thousands, millions of small and medium-sized enterprises that are responsible for more than 50% of the global employment. We will create a better world, fair for all!