Accelerate business and business network

Accelerate business and Develop Knowledge with the Business Networking

The most skilled entrepreneur makes decisions with more confidence, quicker and reduces the risks. But also need to have a business network, contacts and a place to showcase products and services.

Only the training, without opportunities to develop the business, does not meet the needs of entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur needs to know cultural differences and local features of products to sell in other regions and other countries. Have products that can sell very well in the North and don't sell in the South. The product can have entry barrier in other countries. Local culture, both regional as in another country, can restrictions on sizes, shapes and colors. The entrepreneur needs to know the culture and customs, before starting the offer of products.

Export and import procedures also vary from country to country. Trading techniques also vary, and the deadlines and time of trading also vary.

The IEAGE develops the capacity of entrepreneurs and offers an environment in global network, so entrepreneurs accelerate business, but a consciously and with the necessary knowledge.

The purpose of Business Networking IEAGE Entrepreneurs is to globally connect small and medium entrepreneurs, safely, planned, structured and long-lasting.

Develop a network with strong connections (and trust) among entrepreneurs, to form an economic environment that allows lessen the effects of global economic crisis.

Namely, the IEAGE provides knowledge on best practices and experience of professionals with decades of work done, provides the environment and tools for business development, it is up to the entrepreneur to develop and take advantage of opportunities, turning them into concrete outcomes and effective.

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