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Consulting Training

Capacity, expertise and develop new skills

Organizations are made by professionals and their capabilities, their expectations, pela political and organizational culture, the motivation of employees, leadership from their managers and all that mirrors the company to the external environment.

With globalization and opening up of markets to competition sharpened up and operational efficiency has become a critical success factor, in which the training of employees becomes a basic requirement for the success of any enterprise.

The training of the professional body and its development should be in synergy with the demand of the actions necessary to track changes in the external environment and the organization necessary response, within its internal environment.

No operation may have to be rigid and unchanging processes. The market turns and organizations must adapt to changes and new rules of the game, since the dynamics of the operation of any organization is constantly evolving and today.

The innovation, from the perspective of products and services such as in operation, must participate in the everyday reality of the company.

The response to the new challenges can not always be obtained by self-learning in enhancement of individual skills. There may be scenarios where disruptive new specialties and skills will be needed in the short term, and time, as a critical element and scarce factor, not allow long period of preparation.

To this, the IEAGE prepared a series of courses which aim to develop this training, professional without having to spend your time usually devoted to professional issues.

The assessment of this need, when and how deep, is one of the goals of this area of ​​consulting, as well as the profile and content of training.