c-Scenario Development and Trends

Scenario Development and Trends

In a globalized context and fully interconnected, any initiative, both private and public, must develop future scenarios with reference to the environment in which you operate and, also, the global economic environment.

In a complex system as the global economy, unemployment and a European recession, deterioration of economic fundamentals from various countries of Latin America, the slowdown in Chinese growth, crises in the Middle East, just to name a few variables, influence any initiative in any location on the globe.

Concomitantly, regional environments have their own dynamics and can have their balance altered by government policies, both macroeconomic and sectoral, influencing possible developments that businesses can, or otherwise, have, beyond, clear, vectors of the global economy.

The IEAGE, on the grounds of systemic worldview fully interconnected, research the development of analyzes that can mitigate the risks of entrepreneurial initiatives and, also, when asked, suggests structural actions to facilitate the development of a regional entrepreneurial environment and global.