Marketing concept


"The Marketing is not more than the service for man."

José Carlos Damasceno Ferreira


Marketing, ever so often defined, However, I would like to put, not a definition, but several approaches that, as a whole, create a broad view about the functions and functioning of modern marketing in the company, product and market.

According to McKenna, Drucker, Blackwell, among other people especially in the area, marketing is an activity that should be practiced from the receptionist to senior management. The marketing is an expression of the character of the company, It is the responsibility of the company, as a whole. McKenna also comments that the true goal of marketing is to win the market, not only do or to sell products.

Peter Drucker says that marketing is the only function and only this is the function of the company. He also says that the goal of marketing is to make selling superfluous. Marketing must understand so well the needs of the client, that the product, or service, fits customer needs and sells by itself.

Philip Kotler has two views, with a social approach and another with a managerial approach.

The social approach defines marketing as a process where individuals or groups get what they want and meet their needs, by creating, supply and exchange of products and services freely with other people.

On management approach, He begins with a general description, as the art of selling products and, later, It defines marketing management as the art and science of applying the core concepts of marketing to choose the target market and get, keeping and growing customers through creating, transmission and delivery to customers, of a value exceeding.

Al Ries and Jack Trout highlight what they call the fourth law of marketing, who says that marketing is not a battle of products, It is a battle of perceptions.

The French writer, Armand Dayan, Defines marketing as a set of techniques, based on a particular State of mind, seeking to satisfy, in the best psychological conditions for the market, and the best financial conditions for the Distributor, the natural needs or the raised.

Complementing the previous definition, William Brooks says that the successful sales professional should be a master in analysis of needs and in the sale of applications.

I would like to, still, to mention Leonard Berry and. Parasuraman on relational analysis between the marketing and services, where he comments that the marketing of efficient services is the solid concept of job well done, a requested service and perfectly executed.

This Union of strategy and execution is the fuel for those who want to lead in service industry.

Marketing concepts and their applications are having a rapid evolution, generating in your progress a high quality marketing, of first, second, third and fourth generation, guerrilla marketing, maxi-marketing, marketing services, relationship marketing, viral marketing, niche marketing, and so on.

All these outbreaks, interpretations, theories and practices of marketing, We, As a matter of fact, We can consider them as complementary, or extensions, and in continuous and dynamic development and application, as well as the market.

In a specific application, for example, We will use the marketing services to reach the excellence of services, and create a greater loyalty index, but we can use the niche marketing for the placement and we will apply a derivation of network marketing to create a structure of distribution channels.

Today we have a "alphabet soup" and various technical expressions to deal with the new strategies, technologies and methodologies. One can cite: CRM - Customer Relationship Management (Customer relationship management), One-to-one (One-to-one) the Peppers and Rogers Group, Marketing Side, X Marketing, Network marketing, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, and so on.

With so many marketing concepts, methodologies and strategies, It even seems to be a Babel Tower, given the diversity. When actually, each definition corresponds to a simple concept and that, applied with simplicity, no more will the use of common sense, intuition, experience and knowledge, According to the product, market, time and environment, and less based on appearance or sophistication of the use of "alphabet soup".

They say that all roads lead to Rome. Because, all "marketings take the same basic concepts defined for decades, with other tools, technologies, implementations, names, actors, products and services. It, clear, the "soup of letters" have their own marketing to sell.

To finish, as my good friend and experienced Father, a pioneer in the study and development of marketing: "The Marketing is not more than the service for man."

And adapting – changing the 20th century XXI - a phrase your, in one of his last articles: "The marketing man of the 21st century, will have to take care mainly the spirit, the root causes, studying the type and genre of mobiles and have a whole panoply of in-depth knowledge, Besides having the dictates of more exuberant creativity. "