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Consulting for Business Entrants

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The internal market in Brazil has shown a sustainable development in recent decades reinforced by government actions in support of macro economic fundamentals of the country. This scenario, coupled with the prospect of major events, as the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics 2016 creates opportunities for the start-up of international companies to meet the growing local demand and, also, to meet existing customers themselves in other countries who start operation in Brazil. In parallel to all this, occurs, also the privatization of oil exploration, the entry of new car manufacturers, industrial technology area, among other.

However, local economic environment is extremely unique, both by customs and local culture, as, for example, in profile and tax rate, hardly understandable for companies who come from environments with only tax and more unbureaucratic.

The " doing business Brazil ", has, including, regional particularities, namely, how to develop negotiation and customs differ from region to region.

The profile of senior professionals is also unique. They are professionals who have gained experience over decades of inflation, various economic plans, currency swaps, among other factors, and have an extremely dynamic and adaptable to the business environment Profile, quality not common in countries with stable economy. What makes the dialogue and the development of empathy and synergy, In some cases, not very clear and easily distorted.

The purpose of this area of ​​consulting IEAGE is to promote and facilitate the interface startup of new companies willing to invest in Brazil operations.

To achieve this goal, the IEAGE has a body of senior executives, multilíngue, with experience in business development in several countries, to know other cultures and their business practices.