FAQ – Business Networking

FAQ - Business Networking - IEAGE

Why should I join the network IEAGE?

Have your product or service published, location, regionally and globally (in the business directory);
Develop customers, partners, have new ideas, expand your network of contacts (in the forums);
Optimize the Organization, profits and strategies (participating in the courses);
Be more immune to regional economic crises (because you can sell local, regionally or globally);
Participate in an economic and social environment for entrepreneurs and developed by entrepreneurs, truly balanced and responsible, based on work and communication.

What is the difference of IEAGE Network in relation to other social and professional networks?

The business network, the IEAGE, It was created by entrepreneurs with multicultural experience, multilingual and professional experience in various countries, they know the difficulties and facilities in developing local and global business, and that have a social and environmental responsibility acutely aware. In addition to the knowledge base of technological environment with development of free and open knowledge.

How long the ad will be free?

The free version is ad free and will always be free.

Why do I have to register before making the free classified ad?

For several reasons, but the main thing is security. There is no system that is 100% secure, but we have several layers of security that create a trusted environment and mitigate the risks of, for example, the creation of fake profiles. Another reason is to, our users, You can use various services, offers and information, We offer for the participants of the IEAGE network.

Why hasn't the email in the ad?

To avoid using your email to spam. There are softwares that are sweeping the internet to collect the email addresses to be used in spam and other illicit activities, as identity spoofing, theft of passwords, among other.

Because I need to type so much information?

To maintain a high level of security, We can check the source of the information and ensure, all participants of the IEAGE network, a high level of reliability and peace of mind.

What is the advantage of participating in the forums?

In addition to the free classified ad, in the forums can also disclose product or service, search for new partners, customers and create new connections. Also, serves to exchange ideas and create new opportunities, develop your business or create new business.