Globalization, trends and lessons

Since the end of last century that never changes seen in recent history, even in the former. The iron curtain and the Soviet Union made in pieces. This is a singular event, never a great empire disappeared so subtle, no wars nor revolutions. Added to this fact unusual, We see China, with your perspective of orthodox communism, adopt a line of economic development based on capitalism. Never thought, at such short notice!

And now, in conjunction with global warming, and these structural changes in the global context, It was also the burning of trillions of dollars (economic crisis 2008 and global recession)!

Without doubt, It is a unique moment in the history of mankind.

What can you conclude, with these events?

First, nothing is eternal.

Second, It is necessary to have a broader vision of the future and prospective scenarios without the greed and individual interests of certain economic groups, policies or regions and think globally and act globally, or the next generation won't have a world to live.

Third, the markets require control without doubt, Despite the many agents and "factories" of "easy money" do not agree. However, the need for this control doesn't justify the excuse for nationalization or socialization of economies have arranged for free trade and open market. The State should, as defined in the majority of the constitutions, Act as regulator of the order, Justice and preservation and respect individual freedoms and rights. What is observed today, is the lack of order, Justice and respect.

Room, remember a basic strategy, using an analogy, never put all your eggs in one basket, namely, does not apply to all bookings in a just economy, market or Fund.

Fifth, A global balanced power (economical, military and politician) It is critical for global democracy and to reduce inequalities. There is no more room for radicalism or hegemonic positions. If there is wide participation and consensus in the global village, the process of reversal of the current world crisis will be longer and with losses and undesirable economic and social events, both in developed countries as in developing.

Sixth, the world is in constant evolution and transformation, nothing is static, Nobody owns the truth or only correct way of doing things, teamwork and commitment, today, is more necessary than ever. Awareness of the existence and knowledge of different cultures and customs is critical so that you can act and interact globally and in team.

Seventh, daily if you're learning!

Eighth, as a corollary of the previous point, This is a list without end.