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In a world totally connected and globalised world, any initiative should seek partnerships that have a convergence of goals, visions and ethical principles that promote, adding, the intended results. In our case, We seek partners anxious to create a better world, to reduce inequalities and to strengthen the economic environment of small and medium entrepreneurs who are responsible for more than 50% of the global employment.
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RedeGlobaldoEmpreendedorismoIEAGE is a member of the Regional Committee of Campinas. São Paulo, Brazil

The Global network of entrepreneurship (RGE) is a platform, throughout the year, programs and initiatives designed to create a global business ecosystem. GEN ajuda as pessoas em 160 países a desencadear as suas ideias e transformá-las em novos empreendimentos promissores de criação de empregos, acelerar a inovação e reforçar a estabilidade econômica em todo o mundo.

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is a year-round platform of programs and initiatives aimed at creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem. GEN helps people in 160 countries unleash their ideas and turn them into promising new ventures—creating jobs, accelerating innovation and strengthening economic stability around the world.
University of the People

Tuition-Free Online University

University of the People

"We support, since 2009, Shai Reshef, President and Founder of UoPeople, on the outstanding initiative and we need to spread the word, globally. We believe that education is a fundamental pillar to make possible to have a better life and to diminish inequity." Mario Luis Tavares Ferreira - President of IEAGE

University of the People (UoPeople) is the world's first non-profit, tuition- free, accredited online university dedicated to opening the gates to higher education for all individuals otherwise constrained.

The Vision of the University of the People
The University of the People (UoPeople) believes that access to higher education is a key ingredient in the promotion of world peace and global economic development. It views higher education as a basic right, and believes that it can both transform the lives of individuals and be an important force for societal change. UoPeople believes that education plays a fundamental role in strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in promoting understanding and tolerance.
nucleo-v1Junior companies ' core of Unicamp

The core of Junior Companies of Unicamp is a non-profit association that represents and supports the Junior Companies (EJ) State University of Campinas. The core quest to strengthen the junior Enterprise Movement (MEJ) the University of Campinas (Unicamp) through the development of the EJs, training of junior entrepreneurs and integration between the market and MEJ to generate business opportunities and partnerships. In addition, the core represents their business towards society and organisations related to Junior Company Movement.