Procedure to free classified ad

Procedure for registration of free classified ad

Before starting, have:

  • A logo(featured) and pictures (maximum +6) of products and/or your company. (On your computer, JPG).
  • Have all the data of your company, address, phone, etc.
  • A contact email.

To publish free classified ad:

Summary – Initial Registration and Ad FREE version:

  • Enter the portal IEAGE (;
  • Go to the top Menu option: Login-> RECORD;
  • Fill all data requests;
    • Note 1: "username", user name must be short, no spaces and easy to remember;
  • Wait for a confirmation email and registration LINK to create PASSWORD.
  • LOGIN (using the Menu option LOGIN);
  • Enter user name (username), the password (password) and the code that appears in Figure;
  • Go in Menu option: Business network-> New Listing (only appears if you have effected LOGIN);
  • Start inserting your company data;
  • In the LONG description field of your company, Insert description of company or products and services;
  • At the end you will receive an email stating that your ad will be reviewed;
  • The ad is still an ad FREE.
  • When is published you will receive another e-mail.

Detailed process to publish free classified ad:

  • After logging in with the user name (username) and password.
  • Go in Menu option: Business network-> New Listing;

Define the category of business (type of business):



Has the Free and Premium option, Let the FREE option. Don't need no action, just click button "continue":


The next screen will enter:

  1. Name of company;
  2. Short Description;
  3. Long Description;
  4. Website (internet address) If you have;
  5. Contact email;
  6. Name;
  7. Surname;
  8. Region (Latin America, Europe, United States, etc.) Click the arrow to show options;
  9. Country (Click the arrow to show the list of countries);
  10. Type the name of your city;
  11. Enter words (tags), separated by commas, identifying your business;
  12. Read the terms & conditions and MARK OFF "I agree with the terms and conditions";

Click the continue button.



Drag the images to the dotted frame or click on "select images from your hard drive", to select images from your computer:

  1. images must be 500 x 500, tops;
  2. Please wait appears to indicate that the image was recorded (wait one by one);
  3. One of the images must be set with highlighted (example: the logo of the company);
  4. The highlighted image (normally the logo) appears next to the description and listing of companies in the category.



When you finish send the images, If free classified ad, appears message that your ad is submitted. Wait for email stating that your advertisement has been reviewed and published.