The Institute

Strengthen and protect Small and Medium Business

That's our goal and we are here to help you expand and consolidate their business. The strategy is to foster entrepreneurship and leverage the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups, utilizing technology and available resources, expanding globally and locally.

Our goal is to add value and create opportunities for SMEs, creating "roads" so that they can exhibit and sell their products and services more effectively and optimally.

And how to achieve this GOAL?

The IEAGE - Institute of Advanced Studies of Management and Entrepreneurship has professionals highly qualified, being IEAGE result of the work and research on entrepreneurship and new technologies, developed over decades.

There are numerous advantages for users IEAGE, among them we highlight that in a short time, there will be a large exposure to the local and global market, with the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and to our consultants.

This interconnected business environment and promotes the creation of strong links, rooted in the values ​​of IEAGE, that excels in Ethics, honesty and transparency between Small and Medium Business / Startups.

It is in this context that entrepreneurs will develop their businesses in a sustainable manner, attenuate the influence of global economic crisis, creating more equality and reducing vulnerability to external shocks (global crises).

In short, the IEAGE aims to provide the knowledge, the means and the environment for the entrepreneur achieve success faster, ethically, responsive and sustainable.


Through professional training, the study of new teaching methodologies and training, on their experience in speeches, seminars and classes, was developed by our team a systemic model that combines the knowledge, technology and the creation of a favorable environment for entrepreneurship development, which is based on:

  • Creation of a global network for the development of entrepreneurship.
  • Be an agent of local and global development: connect, disclose, accelerate and facilitate communication between entrepreneurs.
  • Availability of knowledge, through courses and lectures, for the development of productive capacity, access to information and best management practices.
  • Creation and delivery of technology environment to enable and accelerate the professional development and business.
  • Creating groups of specialized research in areas related to the development of new methods, techniques and scenarios.
  • A line of action consultancy support:
    • New ventures and develop existing;
    • Local governments and market studies related to entrepreneurship;
    • Partnerships with organizations that aim to create a fairer society for local communities.

The IEAGE believes that entrepreneurship and the intelligent application of new technologies can, and are, catalyze the transformation in the global business environment, sometimes already changing due to global economic scenario.

Let's work together in this endeavor